Aloha and welcome to the fall 2018 semester!
Below you will find some important updates and information for the fall 2018 semester.
Day Undergraduate classes begin on Monday, August 20, 2018.
Take care when making off-campus calls from campus phones. Did you know that anytime 911 is dialed from a CUH campus phone, HPD, & Chaminade Security are automatically alerted? Please take care, especially when dialing long distance numbers, to ensure that you are dialing correctly.
Student Handbook
The 2018-2019 Student Handbook is available on the University website. Please refer to the Handbook for emergency information, policies, and general information on support services. We are going green and no longer printing hard copies, so please refer to the web link.
Show your Chaminade spirit by supporting our student athletes. Admission at all home games is FREE for students, faculty, and staff presenting a current, valid Chaminade student ID. Visit the Chaminade Athletics Website or see the University Events Calendar for game schedules. You can also refer to the Events Calendar for other happenings on campus.
Counseling Center & ADA Accommodations
The Chaminade Counseling Center is located in the Student Support Services Building. For referrals and questions, contact Dr. June Yasuhara at (808) 735-4845 or The Counseling Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm. Encourage students to make contact early in the semester.
The Counseling Center also oversees the “De-Stress Zone”, a resource center for all students, located in Henry Hall, Room 209. The De-Stress Zone will be open beginning Monday, August 20th, from 10am to 1pm, Monday-Friday.
University Emergency Information
Refer to the Chaminade University Emergency Information website for updates, Public Safety Alerts, and more. Classrooms will now be equipped with emergency phones and an Emergency Guidebook with information on what to do in various emergency situations. It is always a good idea to review this information at the start of the semester, so check out the Response Guide on the website and don’t forget to review the University Emergency Plan on the Portal.
L. Robert Allen Montessori Laboratory School
The L. Robert Allen Montessori Laboratory School is a preschool/kindergarten for ages 3 to 6 located on-campus. Chaminade University students, faculty, and staff will receive a 20% discount off the monthly tuition for their children and the school also accepts the Pauahi Scholarship from Kamehameha Schools. For more information, contact the Director at (808) 735-4875.
Meal Plans
Meal Plans and Debit Dollars are available for purchase for faculty & staff. Please visit the Chaminade Campus Dining website for more information.
Faculty & staff presenting a current, valid CUH ID are also eligible to receive one (1) complimentary meal per academic year in the Silversword Café (Tredtin Hall).
Medical Withdrawals from the University
Please refer students to the Office of the Dean of Students in Henry Hall, Room 221. The medical withdrawal policy is outlined in both the Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Handbook.
Our goal is to continue to provide a safe and welcoming campus environment for all. Be sure to add the Chaminade Security phone number to your contacts, (808) 735-4792.
Please join me in welcoming our New Director of Security, Mr. Gerald “Gerry” Welch.
Tutoring Services & Test Administration
Free in-person and online tutoring is available to all undergraduate students. Test Administration is also available for students who may need to make up an exam (see Tutoring website for policies). The Chaminade Tutoring Center is located in the Student Support Services Building. Contact the Tutor Coordinator, Amanda Lunday, at (808) 739-8305, for more information.
For questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students, located in Henry Hall, Room 221, (808) 735-4710. You may also e-mail Allison Jerome, Dean of Students, or Terrence Armstrong, Assistant to the Dean of Students.
We wish you a successful and healthy semester!