Health Insurance Options

Health Insurance

All students living in Chaminade University residence halls, students with international status, and intercollegiate athletes must show proof of current health insurance prior to the start of enrollment. These students will be required to provide a copy of their current valid health insurance card to staff in the Counseling Center.

Provided that the student’s status matches any of the above criteria, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain current valid health insurance throughout their tenure at the University. Please provide the Counseling Center any updates or changes to your coverage.

Hawai`i Medical Service Assocation (HMSA)

Discounted student health insurance plans are available through the Hawai`i Medical Service Association (HMSA) under the Chaminade University/University of Hawai’i Student Health Insurance Plans.

Kaiser Permanente

Plans are also available to students through Kaiser Permanente, or students can conduct an individual search for comparable coverage through various other insurance plans. Be sure to consider the best options to meet your health needs.

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