Meal Plan FAQ’s

Meal Plan Basics

Meal plan information and Declining Add-On Dollars are available for purchase at the Dining Services Office in Tredtin Hall. Meal Plans are available for purchase only at the Chaminade Business Office. There are no exceptions to the “Room and Board” contract other than for specific dietary needs. The Dining Services Office will make the decision for exceptions in conjunction with the Dean of Students.

  • During registration and the first two weeks of classes, meal plans are purchased at the Business Office. A signed meal plan voucher must be brought to the Dining Services cashier at the Silversword Cafe from the Business Office to activate and validate the dining portion of your ID card before use at any of the dining areas. Until a meal plan voucher is submitted to the Dining Services cashier at the Silversword Cafe, all transactions will require cash.
  • To utilize a Meal Plan, Declining Meal Plan Dollars and/or Declining Add-On Dollars, a Chaminade picture ID card is required (no exceptions). Visit Client Services for a Student ID card.

Meal plans are available to all members of the Chaminade community–resident students, off-campus students, faculty and staff members. For faculty and staff, Chaminade ID cards are also required.

How to Use Your Meal Plan

  1. The Meal Plan week begins with Sunday brunch and ends with Saturday dinner.
  2. Any unused meals do not carry over to the following week. Meal Plans end each semester. Declining Meal Plan Dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semesters but are non-refundable at the end of the Spring semester. Declining Add-On Dollars carry over from semester to semester.
  3. As a security measure for your protection, a valid Chaminade picture ID encoded with your meal plan information is required for all transactions without exception. Verbal verifications are not acceptable.
  4. The meal card is valid for the card owner only. The Meal Plans are not subject to proxy or gift by proxy use.
  5. Only one “all-you-care-to-eat” meal may be used per meal period. Computerized terminals at the Silversword Cafe and the P.O.D. MARKET will indicate violations.
  6. Declining Meal Dollars and Declining Add-On Dollars have no restrictions on their use. The meal plan is a contract for the semester.
  7. Appropriate attire for the dining rooms: shirts, shoes, pants, or shorts, are required. Beachwear, bathing suits or bikinis, especially when wet or sandy, are inappropriate attire and are not allowed.
  8. Horseplay, loud or offensive behavior, including profanity, will not be tolerated.
  9. Our Dining Services staff is here to serve and help you. Please keep your interactions with the staff respectful at all times.

Special Diets

Notification by a certified medical doctor is required to receive consideration for special diet arrangements.  If you need accommodations due to dietary restrictions, please contact Chaminade Counseling Center at 808-735-4845.

What Happens to Declining Balance Dollars at the end of the semester?

Unused Declining Balance Dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semester if you remain on the same meal plan or upgrade.  DB Dollars are non-refundable and do not roll over to the following academic year (or summer).

Changing a Meal Plan

You have the opportunity to change your meal plan during the first week of the Fall and/or Spring semesters. To do so, go to the Chaminade Business office and request a change.  A new Meal Plan voucher will be issued which must be presented to Chaminade Dining Services to re-encode your membership ID.  Please note: Declining Meal Plan Dollars do not transfer from Fall to Spring if you downgrade your meal plan.